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Pets are always the first priority at Pet Trust. We are a group of people who work to make the lives of pets and their life easier and comfortable. Our staff is always happy to assist you with any concerns that you have regarding your canine, feline or avian pals.


We are a veterinarian-founded hospital. Pet Trust was established with the mission of providing quality medical care and timely assistance for pets and other exotic animals. We make sure that we are available for any needs that human companions of pets might have so that they can assist their pets. From routine health checkups and wellness programs to critical emergency surgeries, our expert veterinarians can handle any challenges that they have to face to save the life of your pet. A pet is a precious family member to every owner. We want to help pets live a long and healthy life along with their family.


We established the Pet Trust hospital so that every animal companion in Kerala can access quality medical treatment. We aim to become a center of advanced medical care and the best pet hospital in Kerala. With state-of-the-art facilities such as diagnostic labs and equipment and the expertise of specialized veterinarians, internists, anesthesiologists, and oncologists, we are on the path to realizing our vision. We know the importance of timely intervention in pet health care and we want to educate every owner to become responsible companions for pets. We aim to become the largest chain of veterinary hospitals in India.

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The Clinic

Pet Trust is located in Kakkanad, a technological hotspot in the city of Kochi. We have advanced diagnostic facilities like diagnostic labs and imaging equipment for the early detection and prevention of ailments. Our in-house lab, pharmacy, and emergency care services are the best in Kochi and we have the capability to conduct complicated surgeries. From regular dental checkups and microchipping to surgeries we can provide a variety of best-in-class medical care services. We have an inpatient department and surgical ICU where they can receive continued care and recover fast and can come back to you soon.
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Medical emergencies for a beloved pet can, and often do, happen outside of normal business hours. To best meet all your pet’s needs, we have a doctor or technician on call 24/7.

You can reach the veterinarian on-call at any time by dialing the Animal Hospital at 6235806114 and following the automated instructions.

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