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Do you know that with good dental care, your pets can have a 20 % longer life?

Dental problems are the number one health issue that affects your pets. Researches show that by the age of three 70 percent of cats and 80 percent of dogs have dental disease. This is why we prioritize dental care and emphasize the oral hygiene of pets. Most pet owners are unaware of these facts and do not have a dental health regimen for their pets. Our expert veterinarians love to help owners in learning how to take care of their oral health because as the saying goes prevention is always better than cure. Sometimes, even with preventive care, there can be dental problems in pets. At Pet Trust, we aim to provide best-in-class pet dental care and treatment in Cochin. We offer everything from routine dental cleaning to advanced surgeries so that your little companions can have the healthy painless mouth that they deserve.

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How To Spot Dental Problems In Your Pet?

Pets cannot vocalize pain and discomfort. But, you can look for signs, symptoms, and behavioral changes to identify if they are in pain and bring them to the vets immediately. Some of the common signs of oral diseases that you have to look out for are:

1. Bad Breath

This is one of the most common in pets. A lot of pet owners assume that bad breath is common for pets. In most cases, bacteria can be the cause of bad breath. But, bad breath in pets can also be a sign of liver or kidney problems. Pet’s mouths are similar to ours in terms of dental health and should be properly taken care of.

2. Gum Problems

Swollen, red, or bleeding gums are obvious signs of oral problems, and early signs of oral disease you need to take appropriate actions for.

3. Discomfort When Eating

If your pet shows any signs of discomfort while chewing, shows any reluctance to eat, swallow food as a whole, then take them for a check-up.

4. Excessive Drooling

Drooling can be caused by excessive tartar build-up. Take your pet to the vet and get a check-up in case of excessive drooling.

5. Losing Teeth or Discolored Teeth

If your pet is losing teeth, it can be a sign of severe periodontal disease. If the color of the teeth has changed, it might be due to an injury or abnormal formation of the tooth.

6. Swelling of Face

Swelling can be a sign of inflammation and infection in the mouth. Inflammation is the early sign of oral diseases.

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Do you know that oral diseases are the most common diseases that threaten the health and even the life of your pets? Get a dental checkup for your pet and treat their dental problems today from Pet Trust.

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