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Department of Interventional Radiography

Interventional radiography allows performing minimally invasive procedures using real-time imaging and guidance. This is used for both therapy and diagnosis. The instruments used for medical imaging which is used in interventional radiography are x-ray fluoroscopy, computed tomography( CT) scan, magnetic resonance imaging(MRI), and ultrasound. Our vets make small incisions or do the procedure through body orifices. Our Interventional Radiography department helps in making the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of pets easier and comfortable. It has lesser risk, lower pain, and faster recovery as its benefits as the procedure is done by using small needles and wires through body orifices and small incisions. This allows a lower cost of surgeries and lesser stay in the hospital. The treatment possibilities of Interventional Radiography are increasing every day and we make full use of it to provide effective and comfortable care for pets.

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The Interventional Radiology team at Pet Trust comprises internist veterinarians, radiologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, specialists, and other para veterinary staff. The interventional radiology procedures offered at Pet Trust include vascular procedures that are done through the blood vessels, non-vascular procedures that are done on other organs, and orthopedic interventional procedures. Our experienced staff and advanced facilities allow us to provide the best Interventional Radiography treatment for pets in Kochi. This is an evolving field that uses the best of advanced medical imaging technology to provide effective treatment. Even if it is not used for treatment, we can use interventional radiography for accurate diagnosis of ailments and create the right course of action for treatment.

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