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Department of Surgery

From early age de-sexing to injuries in later years, surgeries are sometimes required to make life easier for your pets. In some cases, these are inevitable. At Pet Trust, we have experienced surgeons who can administer surgical procedures on your pets from desexing to complicated surgeries. The surgeries in pets always have the risk of using anesthesia. But, the chances of recovery are also high after surgeries. This is why we have the most advanced and fully equipped procedure rooms for performing surgeries.

Elective And Urgent Care

Some surgical procedures like spaying, neutering, mass removals, or dental cleanings and extractions are elective. These can be done according to the owner’s choice unless they are causing an illness. But, in some cases surgical procedures are necessary. For example, a dental abscess or tumor can cause cancer. If there is an emergency situation like an accident or a bleeding tumor that causes a life-threatening situation.

Elective surgical procedures for pets include

We go for surgical procedures in case of situations that need to be handled urgently. Some of the cases in which we go for immediate surgeries for treatment are

Before And After Surgery Care

Before surgery, the vets will make sure that your pet’s body condition is tested properly. We have advanced facilities, digital radiography, ultrasonography, video endoscopy, fluoroscopy, and computed tomography (CT scan) to diagnose your companions. They will administer anesthesia according to the age, condition, state, breed, and current health status of your pet. We will also monitor the condition post-anesthesia and provide post-operation support such as cage side oxygen delivery and pain management regiment to help them recover comfortably.

Intensive Care Unit

Pets who need critical care and monitoring are kept in our intensive care unit for continuous care and treatment. We follow emergency, trauma-based, and critical care protocols. In case of emergencies, we keep the pets under observation after stabilizing them for further care, medical assistance, and monitoring. We also move your beloved pets to ICU for recuperation as most of the pets need intensive care after the operation. The ICU support facilities at Pet Trust include 24-hour monitoring by our staff, oxygen therapy, and IV fluid administration. It also includes pulse-oximetry, end-tidal CO2, blood pressure, and ECG monitoring. The time needed to spend in ICU depends upon the severity of the condition and response to treatment. Our staff is ever ready to provide utmost care to ensure the full recovery of your pet. The pet ICU provides advanced pain management and nutritional support so that your pet can recover comfortably and return to your home healthy.

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