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Pets are family members and as their human companions, it is the responsibility of every owner to take proper care of their health. At Pet Trust, we strive to ensure that your pets have a healthy and painless life. With our advanced laboratory, state-of-the-art facilities, and specialized veterinarians, we share the same compassion that you have for your pets. So, our veterinarians are up to date with recent studies, clinical trials, and always make sure to provide the most effective treatment for your pets. Backed by experience, advanced equipment, and support facilities, our veterinarians, para veterinary staff and technicians are ever ready and equipped to give any medical care and assistance that your pet needs.


Tumors and neoplasia(abnormal tissue growth) are common in pets than you think. Do you know that almost half the dogs after the age of 10 develop cancer? Sometimes these can be benign but there are times when this can be malignant and aggressive. We use radiographs (x-rays), blood tests, and ultrasound exams or cytology to diagnose tumors and neoplasia. While Melanoma is the common type of cancer found in dogs, Fibrosarcoma is common in cats. Melanoma is a malignant and aggressive tumor that can develop in a dog’s mouth and can spread throughout the body. Fibrosarcoma occurs in fibrous connective tissues especially in injection points of vaccines and medications. Other common forms of cancer found in dogs and cats are lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma. Early detection can help to provide better treatment and to save the lives of your precious pets. The important treatment that we do as part of oncological services are:

Surgical removal of Tumors

Tumors are swelling on the pet’s body which can develop into cancer. Tumor removal can be done alone or as part of other treatments. Our veterinary oncologist along with the surgeon can remove simple skin tumors to complex internal tumors along with the margin. We will also help them recover after the lump removal surgery.


Treatment and recovery of cancer in pets can be based on the type of cancer. At our oncological care, we use chemotherapy to ease the symptoms of cancer and shrink large tumors before removing them. Chemotherapy can be used with radiational therapy and surgery to treat cancer effectively.


Immunotherapy is the way of preparing the immune system of pets to fight against various diseases like allergies and even cancer. Monoclonal antibodies and cancer vaccines are generally used for immunotherapy in dogs. These are used to treat cats and other animals in some cases too.

Pain Management And Hospice Care

We also help in easing the pain of pets, provide special care for aged pets and also provide palliative care for pets who are terminally ill. Pets deserve comfort and compassion throughout their life. We ensure that they have a painless and quality life all along.

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Medical emergencies for a beloved pet can, and often do, happen outside of normal business hours. To best meet all your pet’s needs, we have a doctor or technician on call 24/7.

You can reach the veterinarian on-call at any time by dialing the Animal Hospital at 6235806114 and following the automated instructions.

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