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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you own a cute little Maltese or a Woolf dog, dogs are always favorite and loyal companions to their owners. Being a responsible dog owner means taking proper care of your dogs. This involves taking them for timely vaccinations, taking note of their behavior changes, keeping them clean, and taking them for professional grooming service. Give your dog the best dog grooming service in Kochi with Pet Trust hospital’s dog grooming experts.

What does a Dog Grooming Service Include?

A dog grooming service includes giving a day of special care and attention to your puppies. Our dog groomers are experienced in handling a variety of breeds of dogs and are experts in handling and calming your dogs. You do not have to worry that your dog becomes anxious or aggressive. Now you cant get your friend groomed at the best dog hospital in Kochi. We take extreme care when grooming puppies that are new to grooming and old dogs who might need extra attention.


A full-service dog grooming service at Pet Trust includes:

Detangling the coats

Detangling helps in removing damaged and dead hair. It prevents the hair from getting matted. If hair becomes matted, there is a chance that the coat becomes greasy. The mats can also cause rashes from the hair being pulled and bitten by the dogs themselves.

Clipping hygiene areas

Clipping the private areas ensures that your dogs remain clean and healthy, and there are no chances for infections. This makes it easier for you to care for your dog pals daily.

Trimming between the paw pads

The paw pads are one of the body areas that get dirty easily. So, we makes sure to clean it thoroughly and trim between them.

Giving a nail trim

Trimming the nails help dogs from taking painful postures. This also helps nails from cracking and tearing or injuring.

Bathing in warm water

A relaxing warm water bath can wash away dirt and other particles stuck on to the coat. Our groomers will ensure that it is a great experience for your dog.

Luxury shampooing with a salon-quality shampoo

Once we have bathed the dog, we use salon-quality shampoo to give a luxury treatment and expert care for your dog’s coat.

Cleaning the ears

We clean the ears and make sure that there are no clots and water stuck in the ears.

Towel Dry and Blow Dry

Once the bathing is done, we will towel dry or blow dry the dog to make them warm and dry.

Light Brushing Session

Careful light brushing helps in removing dead hair and skin that came off and stimulates blood circulation in the dog’s body. It also helps in distributing the natural oils in the body and allows the growth of the new and healthy coat.

A full body haircut And Styling

After the brushing and drying session, we will give a haircut and full-body clip of chosen length. Our groomers can also style your dog based on the breed and your choice.

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Our Dog Grooming Service Packages

We have a wide variety of services as part of our grooming package for your dogs to cater to their individual needs. You can get any of this package or choose a full-service package that includes all of these.

Beauty Treatment For All Breeds

Our professional groomers are well trained and experienced in giving beauty treatment for any breed of dogs that you might have. Be it an Akita, Shih Tzu, or a cute little chihuahua, we can give full-service grooming for your dog.

Fresh Breath Treatment

Oral problems are one of the most common issues associated with dogs. Give a fresh breath treatment to get rid of foul breath and keep their mouth clean and healthy.

Coat Repair Treatment

If your dog’s coat is damaged and dull, do not worry. You can get your pet’s coat restored to its original sheen with our coat repair treatment grooming sessions.

Sensitive Skin Treatment Package

Dogs with sensitive skin need special care when grooming. We use things like hypo shampoo and CO2 tablets to soothe the skin while grooming them. This package includes a nail trim, coat trimming or de-shedding as required, gentle blowout, and light brushing.

De-Shedding Treatment

Are you worried that your precious dog is losing too much hair? We can give a grooming session that is focused on De-shedding treatment to improve hair growth and lessen hair loss.

Flea and Tick Treatment

Flea and ticks are parasites that can harm your pets and can cause infections ou. If you spot signs of fleas and ticks on your pets, bring them to us for our flea and tick removal grooming service package.

Why Do You Need Dog Grooming Services?

Dog grooming is not just about pampering your dogs but is essential for keeping your dogs hygienic and healthy.

Brushing helps to keep the coat well ventilated.

By grooming you can ensure that the coat is not greasy and the skin can breathe.

It removes old and damaged hair and helps the hair to grow healthier and stronger.

It removes tangled mattings on hair and prevents sores from developing on the skins

A good groomer can calm your dog and make the grooming session a relaxing experience for them.

Many long-haired dog breeds require regular professional grooming and have certain coat styles that are best for them.

It will help you find and detect signs of ailments or diseases early. For example, grooming pets regularly will let you find any unseen lumps, skin irritations, rashes, or problems with the eye.

A professional groomer can advise you on how to take care of your pets at home. A professional groomer will be knowledgeable about different types of dog breeds and the best way to maintain their coats.

Professional groomers have the right brushes, shampoos, and other tools suitable for different types of dogs.

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