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If your pet is acting abnormally or seems unwell, our veterinarians will do some diagnostic tests based on the symptoms. The easiest way to find the cause of a disease is through Diagnostic tests and imaging. Using various tests and imaging techniques, we can find the cause of ailments and quickly give them necessary treatments and medical assistance to make them well. We have the department of diagnostic imaging and a diagnostic laboratory to accurately find the root cause of your pet’s problems. The staff at the laboratory at Pet Trusts works with the veterinarians to identify and treat diseases that torment your pets. Pet Trust has pathological and microbiology labs for faster diagnosis and effective treatment. You can use our laboratory facilities for any testing samples of any animals, not just pets.

General Tests

At our laboratory, we perform various categories of tests for faster diagnosis. We perform clinical chemistry tests to find abnormalities in the functioning of various organs. These are used to identify disorders such as diabetes and also to find out how your pet’s body is responding to treatment. We use Cytology used to analyze a tissue sample or fluids collected from your pet to identify malignant tumors, various infectious agents, etc. Our veterinarians may ask for fluid analysis, the analysis of urine, joint fluid, etc. of your pet to ensure the proper functioning of the body. We also perform various hematology tests to analyze the blood of your pet to find abnormalities. The common blood test is CBC or complete blood count which helps us to find anemia, inflammation, and clotting. Histology tests are done if your veterinarians suspect of any abnormal tissue arrangement or possibility of cancer etc. These tests are performed to study the anatomy of the tissues to diagnose cancer and other diseases that affect the tissue. We find out the various microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses that cause diseases in your pet through microbiological tests at our lab. We also perform serological tests to determine heartworm disease, Lyme disease, and many other infectious diseases. We can also find out more about the antibodies in your pets and how effective they are against various disease-causing microorganisms. In addition to this, our lab is well equipped to perform various toxicology tests to identify the presence of poison in your pet’s body immediately to give fast treatment. This can be crucial in saving the life of your pet. Our diagnostic lab in Kochi is capable of performing various tests to assist the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of your pets.

Pathological Lab

Pathology is the process of finding causes of diseases through the evaluation of bodily fluids, tissue, and cells. We have an advanced pathology lab with state-of-the-art facilities in which we use chemical pathology to analyze and find the cause and effect of various diseases that affect your pets. At our pathological lab, we use ultra-modern diagnostic techniques for the early detection of diseases like cancer. Cancer is common in pets and if we diagnose cancer in the early stages, we will get better results for the treatment. Our in-house pathological lab makes it easier for our veterinarians to access results easily and make diagnoses faster. We follow safety practices of the highest standards which makes it a safe working environment for the staff. Clinical pathologists are key in finding changes in body fluid makeup and in identifying the diseases.

Microbiology Lab

We perform various tests to identify the parasites that cause various diseases in your pets. We do various biochemical tests, antimicrobial susceptibility tests, and serological tests, tests for the diagnosis of fungal infections. Our laboratory technicians take all the safety considerations and containment in every step from the collection of specimens to culture and finding the issues. We can identify the infective microorganisms that are causing the disease, identify the associated risk with the pathogens. This will help us take immediate measures to curb spread in case the pathogens have a high-risk level and can be a threat to other animals and humans in contact with them. Our microbiology lab has the highest level of safety and our staff are efficient and well experienced. This helps the veterinarians to take immediate measures to cure pets of bacterial, mycotic, or viral infections as soon as possible.

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