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Wellness Programs

At pet trust, we emphasize the importance of preventive care in pet health and well-being. We aim to help every owner to give quality care and a comfortable life for pets. We provide the best quality individualized care for your beloved animal companions. We have a detailed wellness exam developed for ensuring good health and early detection of illnesses so that we can take appropriate measures to avert potential ailments. We also help the owners in developing an exercise regimen and provide counseling on nutrition and behavior training. Our pet wellness programs are aimed to create a comfortable and healthy life for both pets and their families.

Pet Wellness Checkup

With our thorough pet wellness exam and checkup, we can detect any pre-existing or developing conditions in pets. These include routine dental screening, checking heart, and lungs functioning, ensuring the functioning of other internal organs, skin health, fur coat, checking for lumps. If everything is okay, we will also discuss the nutrition, habit, and behavior of the dogs. We check the ear health using an otoscope and an ophthalmoscope to check the health of the eyes Pet wellness checkups can also include routine dental screenings, vaccinations, preventative care, blood work, testing for heartworm, flea, and tick prevention and control. Our vet might also do motion exercises to test the muscles, joints, bones, and neurological system. If we see any abnormalities we might suggest additional tests and X-rays, depending on your pet’s conditions.

Veterinary Wellness Exams

With our veterinary wellness care programs, we ensure comprehensive treatment and quality preventive healthcare for pets.

Routine Checkup

Bring your pets for annual and bi-annual checkups for evaluating the general body condition of your pets. Ensure that your pet has appropriate body weight, vision, hearing, joints, muscles, and check other body conditions like temperature, skin, and haircoat.

Internal Organ Health

Ensure that your pet’s internal organs are functioning properly. We will check the heartbeats for the murmuring of the heart and palpate the pulse. We check for irregularities in breathing. We check for discomforts by feeling the areas of the liver, bladder, intestines, and spleen in the abdominal area.

Routine Dental Screening

With routine dental screening, we can find out infections, broken or loose teeth, and other symptoms like staining, excessive salivation, growths, and mouth ulcers.

Vaccination Programs

We schedule vaccination programs that are individualized and appropriate for each pet based on the age, breeds, environment, and genetic conditions of every pet to make them immune to severe ailments.

Parasite Control and Prevention

Fleas, ticks, and heartworms can affect the health of your pets as well as your family. We ensure the health and hygiene of your pet and family through the prevention and removal of parasites.

Nutrition and Behavior

We can ensure that your pet leads a healthy life by providing behavior training and following a good diet plan. Our vets are happy to assist owners in

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